We enjoy sport and being physically active and that has led to our therapists becoming involved at the elite level of professional sport. We also love helping people of all levels reach their goals. So whether your a weekend warrior or on the cusp of reaching the elite level, you can be sure you are receiving the same level of treatment as some of the regions best athletes.


Injury Prevention and Screening

Prevention is much easier than the cure and we find that risk of injuries can be significantly reduced with appropriate training program, load management and flexibility.

In accordance with the latest research and evidence, we perform a number of test that are used at the elite level to identify areas which may be at risk of injury. If indicated for your sport, this may include some video analysis.


Management Plans

With all problems and injuries that are assessed, our physiotherapists ensure you are left with a clear understanding and plan of how to work towards improving these issues.

Aspects we incorporate into your management plan include:

  • Education about the problem and its causes.
  • A number of strategies to address the current symptoms and the longer term causes.
  • An estimated time-line for recovery.
  • Specific exercises demonstrated and recorded for the patients records.
  • Hands-on treatment as required to compliment exercise components.
  • Specific onward referral options if  your condition requires further investigation.


Hands on Treatment

Depending on your problem, your physiotherapist may need to use some form of hands on treatment as a part of your management plan.  This is used regularly in sports physiotherapy to help improve mobility, reduce muscle tension, ease muscle pain or better prepare the body for sports participation.

Your hands on treatment may include:

  • Massage
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Stretches
  • Dry Needling

We can also help demonstrate self-management strategies to help you address your symptoms when not in the clinic.


Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation is the most important aspect of sports injury management. A carefully planned exercise program is provided to our patients upon completion of a thorough assessment.

An exercise rehabilitation program may consist of:

  • Mobility/stretching exercises
  • Strength exercises
  • Proprioception (balance) and coordination exercises
  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Sport specific exercises to allow for safe return to sport