Frozen Shoulder or Arm Above Head Syndrome?

Picture the scene. You go to your Doctor or Physiotherapist with a shoulder pain when you put your arm above your head or behind your back. You leave with a diagnosis of frozen shoulder (or a rotator cuff tear, or calcific tendinitis and so on), some painkillers, maybe some stretches and exercises. However, all too often the treatment of these conditions is not successful. If we approach the situation from a slightly different angle, then I believe we can have huge success with minimal stress…

What if instead of being told you have a frozen shoulder, you instead have hand above head (or hand behind back) syndrome. Which is a painful sensation felt when you put your arm above your head.

How do we fix this condition?

Well, and this may sound crazy, BUT, we check the biggest muscles in your upper body whose job it is to raise your arm into the arm (pectoralis major, deltoids), to see if they are doing their job properly. And if they are not, then do some simple exercises to make sure they do their job properly.

And, just like that, your stiffness and pain can disappear, because you are no longer relying on the small muscles of your shoulder compensating for the some of the biggest muscles in your body going on temporary MC.

Shoulder pain for a long time? Please reach out (no pun intended). It really can be that simple…


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