Sciatica, low back tension and how to fix it

Lower back pain and sciatica are some of the most common issues we see at SG Physiotherapy. They can be incredibly debilitating, and often stubborn to get rid of.

We associate these problems with slipped discs, trapped nerves, tight muscles, poor posture etc. However, there are a couple of simple things to try that may surprise you how easy they are, and how much they can improve your condition.

One way to look at Sciatica is to call it ‘nerve tension’. Sciatica We commonly feel sciatica when we sit in a slumped position or try and bend forward. This usually occurs when your feet are together (or in line with each other). So when we bend forward, there is a pull of the spine as the vertebrae bend forward, and then as both legs are in the same position, you get an equal tension across both sciatic nerves. Pulling sensitive tissue from 3 sides is often pretty painful.

So, how do we fix it? Simply, we remove one of the sides of the tension. By changing your feet position when bending forward, with one foot in front of another. Like standing in a boxing stance. That means that one of the 3 places of tension is removed, and the movement becomes much less painful.

Try it for yourself. Try and touch your toes when standing with your feet together, and then repeat with your legs in a split stance position. See how much more flexible you are, that is less nerve tension…

If you are having long term problems with Sciatica, then give SG Physiotherapy a chance to improve your life. Through targeted rehab, specifically designed to reduce your nerve tension, you will have a great success. Even if you have tried other physiotherapy, we are worth the shot as our simplistic approach is very successful.


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