The KISS Principle in Physiotherapy

Keep It Simple Stupid…

Life is already very challenging in this modern age. We are bombarded with information through social media, online, school, work. The amount of time we can devote to our health is gradually getting squeezed. Stress can often pile up, sleep can be affected, diet and exercise get thrown out the window. Then, BOOM, an injury often occurs when you least need it. More stress, more things to think about.

What you DON’T need is physiotherapy that makes your life more complicated. You need a simple approach to make sure your condition is treated successfully and does not come back.

You don’t have time for one hour rehab exercise sessions, complicated plans, lying on a foam roller. And here’s the secret……… don’t need to.

Most conditions are easily treated when your physiotherapist is capable of giving a clear explanation for your pain, and provide you with some simple strategies to get you back to your normal level as quickly as possible. Minimal number of exercises, minimal disruption to your day. Simple does not mean easy, it means making you rehab as concise as possible.

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