A critical look at modern therapies

In any walk of life, one sometimes has to take a step back and ask if what we are doing is actually working. Physiotherapy should be no different. We owe a duty of care to our patients to make sure what we are doing is actually effective in improving their quality of life.
When we look at the rates of the most common complaints we treat, we see that the rates of back pain(1), neck pain (2), adult ACL injuries (3), child ACL injuries (4), and knee pain (5) are steadily increasing, not mention many other conditions. This is despite advancements in analgesics, medical imaging, new rehabilitation machines and techniques, as well as an increased access to physiotherapists.
So what is going on? Why are the numbers not dropping? These are the difficult questions we must ask as we owe it to our patients to be better for them.
Over the coming blog posts, I will outline how I use some basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, combined with some human psychology and looking how we interact with the built environment we find ourselves in, with the aim of finding the simplest answer to why you are in pain.

I believe following the KISS principle is the best way to help my patients recover and get back to normal life…



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