What causes back pain?

There a lot of different causes of back pain! Discs, ligaments, joints and muscles can all give you back pain.

What are the risk factors for back pain?

Some of the risk factors include a lack of activity, being sedentary, being overweight, low mood/anxiety, having had a previous back injury.

Does posture matter?

Not as much as we think. Sit too long in one position, even if it is deemed ‘correct’ and you will get stiff and sore. Movement is your friend.

Is my core weak if I have back pain?

A lot gets blamed on the ‘core’, that a weakness will result in too much stress on the back. In my experience, there are usually other factors in play. In fact, I have seen people increase their back stiffness by following too many YouTube core stability workouts!

What can I do for my back pain?

Try not to stress it. Most back aches will remedy themselves.